How Asset Finance Can Supercharge Your Business: The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Vehicle Financing



Searching for an innovative way to upgrade your business fleet? You’ve likely heard about leasing and renting, but what about asset finance for commercial vehicles? We recently assisted a client in transforming their leased fleet into one that’s asset-financed, unlocking tremendous financial and tax benefits. Let’s explore why asset finance might just be the business solution you’ve been googling for.

Asset Finance Explained

Asset finance is an alternative financing option that lets you acquire new assets, like commercial vehicles, without breaking the bank. By making affordable monthly payments, asset finance paves the way for smarter asset acquisition and offers a bevy of advantages over traditional leasing.

Asset Finance vs Leasing: Why Choose Asset Finance for Commercial Vehicles?

Benefits of Ownership in Asset Financing

Asset financing offers you complete ownership at the end of the term, making your vehicle a value-adding asset rather than a draining expense. In other words, asset finance for commercial vehicles puts you in the owner’s seat.

Flexible Terms with Asset Finance

Asset finance offers customisable terms that adapt to your business needs. The flexibility of asset finance is unparalleled when compared to rigid leasing agreements, making it a top choice for savvy business owners.

Asset Finance and Corporation Tax Savings

Tax benefits are one of the unsung advantages of asset finance. In the UK, you can claim capital allowances on owned assets, which helps reduce your corporation tax bill. The rates vary, from a lower rate of 19%, an upper rate of 25%, to a maximum of 26.5%, offering a range of savings depending on your company’s tax status.

Case Study on Asset Finance for Commercial Vehicles

We’re not spouting theory; we’ve seen these benefits in action. Our client recently made the smart move from a leased fleet to an asset-financed one, resulting in not just ownership but also substantial tax and financial savings.

Make the Switch to Asset Finance Today

When it comes to optimizing your commercial vehicle fleet, asset finance offers a route to ownership, flexibility, and tax savings that you just can’t get from leasing. Whether you’re a small business looking to invest in your first fleet or a seasoned company aiming to save on corporation tax, asset finance provides the gears to accelerate your success.

Ready to make a business-smart move? Shift into the asset finance lane and let your business truly own the road.

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