Office, Telecoms, IT and Technology Finance

Our team are aware of the importance of up-to-date IT and office equipment for a business’s daily operations and overall profits. We can provide quality customer service to help you benefit your business through finding the right solutions for you. Our experienced advisors have access to competitive rates to help you find the best deals […]

Plant and Manufacturing Finance

The manufacturing industry is huge in the UK- it is the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world, and accounts for 45% of total exports according to Make UK. The industry is extremely vast and encompasses many different areas of business, from mining and quarrying to the production furniture and clothing. Obviously, the extensiveness of […]

Haulage Finance

There is no mistaking the importance of the transportation and haulage sector to many industries. Providing essential links, transport and haulage plays a crucial role in the overall economy and the success of many businesses. The sector has faced challenges in keeping up with increasing demand due to recent events and legislation. We can help […]

Renewable Energy Finance

Climate change and its effects are the most pressing issues we face on the planet today. The urgency to convert to green practices has been reinforced by many prominent campaigners across social media, encouraging many businesses to do their bit to become greener in their practices. We are here to help you maintain your profits […]


An agricultural business undoubtedly relies on the quality of its machinery and tools to ensure its growth and success. We understand the difference good-quality equipment can make to you and your company. Our experts can help you make the best decisions that suit all of your farming needs. No matter the kind business you run, […]


The construction industry is one of the largest in the UK economy, employing over 9% of the workforce.  Construction is essential for a diverse range of needs within our society and shows no sign of slowing down, with construction output increasing and predictions of its continued increase in the coming years. What does this mean […]

Asset Finance, Leasing, Contract Hire, Sale & Leaseback

We will provide you a fast, competitive quote to lease any capital equipment necessary for the running of your business. This includes Plant, Vehicles, Production Equipment, IT and Telecoms Systems and even ‘Small Ticket’ items from £2K in capital value Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it […]

Buying or Starting a New Business

Open For Business – Loans To Get You Started If you are looking to buy or start a new business and have a great business plan with the necessary experience then speak to us. There may be a need to buy a freehold property and many businesses will also need support with the purchase of […]

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Property and Business Mortgages with interest rates starting at just 2.5% over Bank Base Rate If you are looking to purchase a Commercial Property for your own occupation, via a SIPP as a longer term investment or perhaps you wish to purchase a trading business or re-mortgage an existing property then speak to the […]

Factoring / Invoice Finance Solutions

Uncomplicated Free Advice on the Best Factoring Solution for Your Business – Available to both start up and established business clients New to Factoring? You will be surprised at just how effectively a flexible Factoring arrangement can assist your Cash Flow and Working Capital problems. In essence a Factoring facility draws cash quickly in to […]